About us

Universal Concept was founded in 2008 by a Brussels entrepreneur, Jamâa Bouzkik, who had always been immersed in the world of food imports. He was soon joined by a young entrepreneur from Carolo, Nordine Chaïbaï, who had extensive experience in retailing.

Things quickly fell into place, and the 2 entrepreneurs created innovative concepts for the Belgian food market.

Keeping a close eye on market trends, they realized that demand on the Belgian market was divided into 2 types of product:

  • Products from very distant origins (USA, Thailand, Denmark, Mexico, etc.)
  • Local products (Belgian products from small local producers and craftsmen).

These 2 types of products are in short supply, poorly organized and poorly grouped (several suppliers, different countries, etc.).

Their experience and extensive travels gave the 2 entrepreneurs the idea of offering both global and local products with concepts adapted to all types of retail outlets, and to stand out by being "Just Different".

Planos offering products from various horizons were created and adapted to all types of outlets.

Universal Concept is the only company able to offer a unique concept, combining all products in a single delivery with a 100% made-to-measure service, which is its strength.

To achieve these goals, the company surrounds itself with qualified, professional people. At your service:

Our Marketing team:

  • Calculate and finalize plans and signage for your departments.
  • Develops displays and actions to promote our products.
  • Analyzes the market and the competition to propose a "Just Different" concept.

Our in-house logistics team:

  • Organizes deliveries anywhere in Belux within 48 hours! (subject to established routes) and with a smile to boot.

Our sales team :

If you wish, one of our sales representatives, trained to advise you, can visit your store to help you with your orders, and present the month's new products and special offers.

Do you have a suggestion or are you looking for a particular product? Ask us, we'll find it and advise you on the best way to sell it in your outlet.

Become "Just Different" with us.